Manifacto Amsterdam

Commelinstraat 250A, Amsterdam

Activiteitenruimte , Cultureel centrum , Bedrijfsruimte, Atelier / galerie

Manifacto is a family business that aims to create a platform for artists, craft makers and art lovers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between tattoo and different creative disciplines, sharing ideas, promoting art and artists; to build a collaborative space where inspiration will flow and develop.

We are driven by positivity, by a sense of belonging, a cosiness that will echo in the atmosphere at Manifacto – a place where we can grow together.

Showing talented up and coming artists alongside the more established ones, opening up opportunities for the artists themselves and also for the visitors: the art collector, art lover and everyone else.

We consider tattoo an art form. Representing our resident artists as well as guest artists, who specialize each in their own particular style of artworks and tattooing, we hope to open up the tattoo world to a wider audience.

Manifacto is a place of coming together and learning. We offer workshops for all things creative. From weekly sessions of yoga, to more specialized workshops and seminars covering a variety of fields such as tattoo, crafts, arts, health and what else comes our way!


Top floor/street level is wheelchair accessible.


We have a great space suitable for workshops, events, pop-up store, meetings & movie screenings

Get in touch with your idea!

The basement room is not wheelchair accessible - only the street level floor is wheelchair accessible.


Per uur, Per dagdeel, Per dag
oppervlakte binnen 100 m2
prijs en voorwaarden
2 hours (min) = € 39.00
3 hours = € 48.00 
4 hours = € 60.00 
5 hours = € 71.00 
6 hours = € 81.00 
7 hours = € 90.00 
Whole weekend (7+7 hours, till 19:00) = € 170.00
Evening (after 19:00) per hour = € 28.00

Discounts (pre paid): 3+ bookings (in 6 months) -10%

Extras (per 3 hours):
Use of projector = € 30.00
Professional photo lights + background = € 30.00

All prices excl. 21% BTW
The place is equipped with tables, chairs, sink/water point. There is Wi-Fi and we provide tea and great coffee.
Contactpersonen van Manifacto Amsterdam

Mariana Oliveira

Manifacto Amsterdam